Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fieldwork in an Archive...

What is this? And why I am doing it?
This blog has been created as a basic working diary for my adventures while completing my fieldwork course in my final semester as an LIS Graduate student. As a go to reference my goal is to make an entry here for each day that I proceed to do fieldwork for the semester. For the requirements, I have to complete 120 hours with in about 4 months with bi-weekly reports of time and activities.

Where am I at? And who am I working with?
My fieldwork is been done at University of South Florida, St. Petersburg under the direction of Professor James Schnur. He is the sole Archivist at USFSP and has many projects that he works with. He is working very hard on the digital archive for the university, and I will be assisting him as I can on this endeavor throughout the term.

So that is the who, what, when , and why of things. For anyone that is up to following these posts, enjoy the adventures in archiving.

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